Cassadaga, NY

2023 Ducky Derby

The 2023 Cassadaga Lakes Association's 24th Annual Ducky Derby is the biggest fundraiser of the year and will be a highlight of the Village's Labor Day Festival!

The annual CLA Ducky Derby is a fun family-oriented event that proves to be a great time for people of all ages to come out, line the shore and root for their ducks as they race under the bridge to be first to cross the finish line.

The tickets are $5 per chance and each numbered ticket represents a ducky in the race. There are 650 little plastic racing duckies that will be released into the water under the bridge on Maple Avenue and the first ducky across the finish line wins $200 cash!!! As always, there will be some fabulous prizes for the close finishers!

Ducky Derby prizes are donated by CLA members, local businesses and CLA friends. If you would like to donate a prize, contact Julie VanValkenburg, Ducky Derby Committee Chairwoman at 716-410-0673.

The Ducky Derby is scheduled for Labor Day Monday September 4th at 12noon. It will be held at the outlet on Maple Avenue & Mill Street. Stay tuned to the CLA website and facebook page for event updates. Buying tickets supports the CLA in their endeavors.

Tickets will be available as follows:

1) You can call -OR- text the DUCKY DERBY HOTLINE at (716) 410-0673 to set up a delivery or drop off time for your Ducky Derby.

2) PAYPAL NEW NEW NEW: If you would like to buy your tickets online, simply send an email to with the quantity of tickets you would like to purchase. Within 24 hours of the request an email invoice will be sent with the Paypal link to purchase your tickets, which will be filled out in the names you request, and the ticket stub will be mailed via USPS.

3) Ducky Derby Ticket Sale Sites--Stay tuned for ticket sale locations.

4) Community events: Look for the Ducky Derby ticket table set up at the Summer Concert series at the beach, Cassadaga Man event, prior to and during the Village’s Labor Day parade.

Stay tuned to the CLA facebook page and the CLA website at www.cassadagalakesassociation for more on the Cassadaga Lakes Association and upcoming events.


Enjoy a little glimpse into the CLA's Ducky DerbyTeam Adventures around Cassadaga.

Three Weeks Out

Two Weeks Out

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Drawing Day

Our Committee Chair is:

Julie VanValkenburg

For More Information call or text 716-410-0673

The Anticipation

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The Ducky Carriage

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