Cassadaga, NY

Weed Cutting

Weed Harvesting on the Cassadaga Lakes

One of the most important functions of the Cassadaga Lakes Association is the cutting and harvesting of weeds growing in the Lakes. Weed cutting is an environmentally friendly way of eliminating noxious weeds that if left unchecked would diminish the quality of the lakes. Without annual harvesting, the Lakes would quickly become weed choked and boating would become impossible. The cutting and harvesting usually starts around the middle of June and depending on growth rates, which vary year to year, cutting takes 4 to 6 weeks.

The focus of the cutting is the boating channels and dock access. We have worked with the NYS DEC to identify fish nursery beds and carefully avoid harming them. Harvested weeds are loaded onto a trailer and either taken by local gardeners or composted at the Village Composting Facility. Personnel costs, harvester and trailer maintenance and fuel costs are a significant expense for the CLA.

Our funding from municipal sources only covers about half of our expenses. As such, we rely on membership dues and fundraising for the rest. It is with YOUR support that we can keep the Lakes open for boating, fishing and other water activities.

Peter George

Lakes Manager